Hlomla Dandala, Our Actors die in Poverty

Hlomla Dandala, Our Actors die in Poverty

 Brand South Africa is proud to collaborate with RapidLion Film Festival for the third consecutive year, taking place from the 1st to the – 10th of March 2019 at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg.

“15 years ago a friend of mine whom we went to school together once asked me, why i was not driving Ferrari because i was on top of my game” said Hlomla

Brand South Africa took a different approach to engage with creatives in a research engagement to delve deeper in how the organisation and the creative industry can enhance its efforts to take film to the South African masses. From these engagements Brand South Africa will amalgamate lessons that can inform the organisation’s strategy and the profiling of the country brand in an impactful way.

Dr Petrus De KockThe creative industries play a major role in shaping the profile, presence, and reputation of the South African Nation Brand both domestically and globally. To this end we want to use this platform to engage with industry experts, gather insight from the creative industry. General Manager for Research Dr Petrus De Kock  said 

“In South Africa today there’s isn’t a single black actor who hasn’t die in poverty” continued  Hlomla Dandala

Mr Dandala  is currently working on LK Theatres in Pretoria Soshanguve in partnership with PRASA which are aimed in developing young people and new moviegoers for the future.

“We have been engaging a lot of research of the cinema consumption for three years. In China they have built 50 thousands cinemas and today they are number two in the world after America when it comes to attendances, not India, they have changes the game. Said Hlomla

The LK Theatres will be opening in the next coming  three month from now.


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