Dr. Cino Shearer officers free psychological services for artists

Dr. Cino Shearer officers free psychological services for artists

18 November 2019-The entertainment industry is one of the highest-pressured industries. Long hours and uncompromising demands of the entertainment industry are sighted as  the main causes of depression and anxiety in showbiz.

As a result of  pressure, the industry has seen a spike in  celebrity mental health issues, substance abuse and a high rise of deaths associated  with depression recently. 

 It is against this background that Dr. Cino Shearer, founder of Cino Shearer Foundation, has  decided to offer free psychological services to help celebrities dealing with mental issues.

 Dr Cino has developed a mobile assist that will travel around South Africa and  some parts of Southern African regions offering free counselling to celebrities big and small. 

The mobile  assist, which is the first of its kind, will kick off during this festive season in Gauteng.  It will then travel across the country before visiting Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The project will end in April 2020. The initiative is in partnership  with different entertainment stakeholders across Africa. The mobile assist boasts private first-class facilities and highly skilled professionals.  

The Cino Shearer Foundation believes that the mobile assist will also help raise  awareness about mental health issues, suicide and substance abuse.

” Studies show that  entertainers are twice as likely to suffer from depression than the general public. Studies also show that many celebrities  have moderate to severe anxiety. The vision came after noticing a rise in depression and anxiety among celebrities. Some have died dealing with  mental health issues. This initiative will help celebrities live a better life,” says  Dr. Cino.

He adds that he hopes the initiative will

help to normalise conversations around  mental illness and help eradicate the stigma associated with it.

 The foundation was established in 2013  with one of its key focus points  being to elevate poverty.

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