Dube AgriZone is Africa’s first integrated perishables supply chain

Dube AgriZone is Africa’s first integrated perishables supply chain

Dube TradePort Corporation, a business entity of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government, is charged with the responsibility to develop the province’s biggest infrastructural project. Considered one of South Africa’s top 10 investment opportunities, this designated Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is geared to promote foreign and local investment.

The precinct is strategically located 30km north of the important coastal city of Durban, in KwaZulu-Natal, on South Africa’s eastern seaboard. This over 3 000 hectare development is home to the state-of-the-art King Shaka International Airport and is ideally positioned 30 minutes from Africa’s busiest cargo port, Durban Harbour, and 90 minutes from Richards Bay Harbour.  Dube TradePort takes advantage of its prime location as the only facility in Africa combining an international airport, dedicated cargo terminal, warehousing, offices, retail, hotels and agriculture.

Strategically located on the east coast of South Africa, linked to two of Africa’s major seaports, major national roads and home to King Shaka International Airport, Dube TradePort is strategically positioned at the intersection of local and global intermodal transport routes.

This high-tech agricultural development, which forms part of the Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone (SEZ), is host to the largest climate-controlled glass-covered growing area in Africa. It aims to stimulate the growth of KwaZulu-Natal’s perishables sector and affords the opportunity to achieve improved agricultural yields, consistent quality, year-round production and the superior management of disease and pests.

The facility’s primary focus is on the production of short shelf-life vegetables and other horticultural products which require immediate post-harvest airlifting and supply to both domestic and export markets.

The present phase one development comprises an extensive 16 hectares of greenhouses, dedicated post-harvest packhouses, a central packing and distribution centre, a nursery and a sophisticated plant tissue culture laboratory, Dube AgriLab.

Dube AgriZone is an eco-friendly facility, adopting a range of ‘green’ initiatives to offset its environmental impact. Initiatives include:

  • Rainwater harvesting;
  • Solar energy usage;
  • On-site waste management; and
  • The growth of indigenous plants for precinct-wide rehabilitation efforts.

The canteen facility located within the AgriZone precinct, as well as the nearby airport terminal, address lunchtime amenities for staff operating with the precinct.

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