Gerduan Kemp shows how powerful true love can be in new music video!

Gerduan Kemp shows how powerful true love can be in new music video!

Less than a month after his latest single, SESDE SINGTUIG, which is appearing on the charts of radio stations nationwide, Gerduan Kemp from Bloemfontein is back in the spotlight with the release the beautiful music video of this song that shows how powerful true love can really be.

According to the artist, with his deep soothing voice, the music video exhibits how love is able to save you from a dark place in your life and change everything for the better.

“With this video I show the difference that love can make in one’s life. We used the contrast between the dark underground parking area and the colour of nature to bring the concept alive,” he explains.

“Sometimes it is difficult to forget about the past, but we show that you can be persuaded to move on by the right person. This storyline is told by a dancer – Celia Beyleveldt – who moves around me all the time, but I am unaware of her existence. Every time she touches me, I am in a totally different place.”

The video was produced by Christian Wolf of BrickWolf Creatives and was filmed in Atterbury Value Mart’s underground car park and in a large field with an adjacent forest in Irene. It fits in perfectly with the original theme of the song that was written by Johan Oberholzer.

Watch the video here:

SESDE SINTUIG shares how love can sometimes help you to escape from reality. Love also has the power to make you forget about the pain of the past. In this song, it shows how your sixth sense (love), is actually all that you need to be happy,” explains the singer about this song that has already been featured on most major radio stations.

“Love is something that all of us experience and this song describes that feeling of being in love that we sometimes struggle to put into words,” he says. “There are so many songs about love, but I think people are going to like this one because it uses a new angle to describe love, and the emotion behind it.”

With SESDE SINTUIG he is showing the public what can be expected from the next chapter of his career and it also proves that this talented musician has a very promising future ahead for him in the local music industry.

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