It Was a Flop, Somizi Told Sneziey

It Was a Flop, Somizi Told Sneziey

“Im glad you can off -ramp as it makes you human”.

Sneziey Msomi has been consistent week after week, getting the lion’s shares of Mhlongo’s “whoo shems”. And true to form, she maintained that high standard as Mhlongo dished out his ultimate expression of praise for her performance of Brenda Fassie’s Umuntu Ngabantu, while Abrahams was impressed that she had paid tribute to the late great MaBrrr by not only learning the song, but also learning the performance too. Nkayi said she did not think it was possible for her to outperform her showstopper performance, but yet she did it.

Her second song, Bucie’s Superwoman, however, proved she was only human, said the judges who were not too sold on that performance. While Mhlongo said it was ok to offramp now and again, Abrahams reminded her that as the show was getting closer to the end, the other contestants were upping their game.

Next week will see yet another Idols contestant eliminated, but it is up to the viewers to decide who will remain as part of the Top 3.  The contestants who crack the Top 3 will not only be a step closer to being the next SA Idols, but will also be given the opportunity to visit New York as part of their preparations for the Top 2 performance.

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