Jan Rhaap and Le-Lue surprise with Adrenalien!

Jan Rhaap and Le-Lue surprise with Adrenalien!

Before we end-off the year, Jan Rhaap aka Werner Burger and Le-Lue of Bok Radio / TV will be sure to wow everyone with the release of the most beautiful lovesong duet, Adrenalien. The song, written by Juan Boucher and Jan Rhaap, is about love and that special person in your life that you would do anything for.

“That special person is like Adrenaline in your veigns and without him or her you just cannot breath.  I had my wife and son in mind when I wrote the lyrics and at times I wish I could see life through my son’s eyes,” says Jan Rhaap.

About Adrenalien, Le-Lue adds: “It’s that butterfly feeling you get in your stomach before something huge happens. Your mouth gets dry, jou legs won’t co-operate and you can take on the world. It motivates you to make important decisions and go through with it. Adrenaline is the aid”.

This is Jan Rhaap’s first duet with a female artist and Le-Lue immediately crossed his mind when it came to this incredible song. “I think our voices sound great together and she’s at ease with the low registers that I sing, but at the same time she can also reach the higher notes. A few months back I took a chance by asking if she would be interested and luckily she immediately agreed”, Jan further explains.

Jan shares that he enjoyed working with her on the duet and although they are 800km apart, it is amazing how technology made it possible for them to record a duet. Jan resides in the Northern Cape just outside of Niekerkshoop;  a very small town in the middle of Griekwastad and Prieska. Le-Lue stays in the Western Cape. “Both of us are very excited about the song,” says Jan.

Le-Lue confirms it was a huge privilege being approached by Jan Rhaap for this duet. “Although I’ve been a radio presenter for the past 9 years, singing and the music industry remains very dear to me. It was incredible being in the studio again, living my dream. Adrenalien will touch many hearts, thanks to Jan Rhaap’s incredible style of writing. He can do magic with words.

Adrenalien was recorded by Coolerbox Studios and produced by Tertius Human.  Le-Lue’s voice was recorded in Cape Town by Loki Rothman and the song will also feature on Jan’s fourth studio album, releasing February 19th 2021.

I am definitely going to surprise the public with this song. It’s something fresh and since it’s a love song, just a about anyone will be able to relate to the song. Love is all around us and form part of our daily lives,” concludes Jan.

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