Kyle September releases sweet summer anthem!

Kyle September releases sweet summer anthem!

Looking for a feel-good, fun, and festive summer anthem to ring in the holiday season? Then look no further than Kyle September’s new single, SWEETNESS.

The upbeat, sing-along pop song is about finding that indescribable something in someone else – something which requires no words or actions, but which makes you feel safe and loved.

The idea for the single, penned by Kyle, had an unusual origin. “I was on tour in Botswana with fellow musician and friend Lindo M. We were having breakfast one morning and, as we simultaneously took a bite of our food, we looked at each other. I asked Lindo ‘what is special about this?’. His response? ‘It’s that sweetness, that little bit of sweetness’,” explains Kyle.

“Lindo had told me previously about an idea to use simple, everyday phrases as inspiration and I took it to heart. I expanded his concept and used his words to try to capture that indescribable X factor that life partners find in each other, that special something that is different from all their previous relationships.”

Besides being a feel-good track that will undoubtedly put listeners in a festive mood, the single is special to Kyle for another reason. “I just love the vibe of the song! I’ve always wanted to write a song of the summer; one everyone plays at their house parties to get the holiday vibe going. But, from a musical perspective, SWEETNESS is my first song after truly discovering my sound. It’s a special piece of art that represents and embodies a coming of age and musical identity for me.” 

This is an important milestone for the singer-songwriter who, while he has been working in the industry for around ten years, has loved music for as long as he can remember. My love for music started before I was even born. While my mother was pregnant with me, my father would play guitar and sing to me. He would even play video tapes of live music performances,” says Kyle. “My father taught me how to play guitar when I was 12 years old and I’ve been playing guitar and singing and writing songs ever since.” 

As a teenager Kyle played in church youth bands. This, according to the artist, had an immense impact on him and was arguably the most important stage in his growth as a young musician. 

When it came to playing instruments, Kyle didn’t stop at the guitar – he also learned to play bass guitar, drums, and a bit of piano before enrolling at the Wits School of Arts. “My parents insisted I study accounting, but during my second year I became miserable purely because of the absence of music from my life. I dropped out and decided to study music instead. It’s very possible to be a successful musician without studying music, but I was hungry for knowledge about what I love most, and I had to get to know it intimately.” He graduated with a BMus Honours degree in 2016.

The young musician lists his career highlights as performing at Afriski, opening for Francois van Coke at the Misty Waters Festival, and co-hosting an online show with Graeme Watkins during lockdown. “I had always dreamed of my career taking me to other beautiful countries. Performing at Afriski, on top the Maluti Mountains, felt like I was singing to the whole continent from one of Africa’s highest peaks. It was a very special moment for me.”

When he is not working on his music, Kyle enjoys playing sport. “I’m a musician 24/7. I’m always thinking and talking about music. The only time I truly switch off is when I’m playing action cricket or 5-a-side football with some mates. It’s a very important weekly escape for me.” He has also been a part-time sports coach since 2009.

As for what inspires him to write music, Kyle says the answer – although a little clichéd – is simple. “I am inspired by life. The world has stories to tell and I’m always listening so I can spread the word.” He adds: I love music because it is the only language that requires knowledge of it to encode meaning, but not to decode it. So, while composers need to learn how to write music, listeners don’t need to learn in order to hear the message in the music. I love that I can speak to people through my art.”

SWEETNESS offers a unique blend of feel-good pop with a subtle jazz influence, and a catchy and festive melody. This is complemented by Kyle’s clinical vocal prowess. The single is set to not only become a summer anthem, but also the successful launchpad of this talented singer-songwriter’s career.

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