Ladies own the stage in second week of Idols SA top 16

Ladies own the stage in second week of Idols SA top 16

Last week the guys set the stage alight with their performances under the theme “the best cover songs” in this 16th edition of Idols SA. Tonight, it was the ladies’ turn to belt out their renditions as they vied for a spot in the top 10.

“The ladies were absolutely magnificent tonight and the stage is being set for one of the best seasons yet in terms of talent,” said Nomsa Philiso, the director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net. “I really don’t envy the viewers, because this competition is going to be tight. It will be hard to choose a winner. But, I urge them to vote, vote and vote for their favourite contestants.”

Jerodine was first to fight for her place in the top 10 with her rendition of ‘Giving him something he can feel’ by En Vogue. The judges were unanimous in their praise, with Randall Abrahams saying her performance was good from the start, and that he could see her growing in the competition. “It was a good place to start,” he said. Unathi Nkayi said it was Jerodine’s best performance yet, calling it immaculate, while Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung called her a powerhouse.

Melanin was next with Anna Kendrick’s ‘True Colours’, with the judges all delighted with the performance. Unathi said the show demonstrated to her how delicate and caring Melanin was. “You nailed the emotion,” she said. Both Somizi and Randall said she sounded like herself and did not try to sound like Anna.

Bongi decided to show off her big voice with her rendition of Whitney’s 1992 hit “All the man that I need.” Hershaky start was brushed off by the judges, with Somizi saying: “You look like the queen you are supposed to be,” adding there were parts of the song he liked. Randall said she had a powerful voice, but edged a little to close to being like Whitney. Unathi  remarked she had a phenomenal voice.

Ndoni’s rendition of Tracey Chapman’s 1988 folk-rock smash hit ‘Fast Car’ was met with a mixed feedback, with Randall saying she took too many liberties with the phrasing. Somizi, however, gave her a Whoo Shem! Unathi urged her to surprise the viewers with unlikely song choices. “I enjoyed what you did,” she said.

Dee’s ‘Rolling in the deep’ by Adele was met with lukewarm reception, with Unathi calling her performance a “commendable attempt”. Somizi said it was beautiful to watch her perform. Randall mentioned he liked her, giving a little sage advice on how to make a song her own.

Somizi called Be’s performance of ‘How come you don’t call me’ by Alicia Keys amazing, giving her a 10 out 10 for self-esteem. Randall responded by saying: “This competition is going to be tight.” Unathi said she was captivated by her performance, adding that she had grabbed her … attention.

The performance of the night, however, seemed to be Ntokozo, whose rendition of Beyoncé’s ‘I’d rather go blind’ moved Somizi to his feet and Unathi to tears. “It was the most complete performance of the night,” Randall said, while Somizi said she had built the song like a pyramid – “The emotional side of the song was super,” he said.

Rounding off a night of some superb performances was Zama with Tori Kelly’s ‘Crazy’. Unathi was inspired by Zama, while Somizi mused that modesty suited her, saying it was a lovely performance. Randall said he liked her performance, bust said would have wanted to see “a little change of attitude”.

With the ladies performances now in the bag, it is now up to the viewers to decide who moves on the top  10. While voting for the male contestants is now closed, viewers have up until 22:00 on Tuesday to vote for the top 10 ladies.

Tonight’s performances:

  • Jerodine: Giving him something he can feel – En Vogue
  • Melanin: True Colours – Anna Kendrick
  • Bongi: All The Man That I Need – Whitney Houston
  • Ndoni: Fast Car – Tracey Chapman
  • Dee: Rolling In the Deep – Adele
  • Be: How Come You Don’t Call Me – Alicia Keys
  • Ntokozo: I’d Rather Go Blind – Beyoncé
  • Zama: Crazy – Tori Kelly

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