Launch of the Beer Association of South Africa

Today saw the official launch of the recently established Beer Association of South Africa

Launch of the Beer Association of South Africa

(BASA) at the Mad Giant Brewery in Johannesburg. The BASA brings together the Craft Brewers Association, Heineken South Africa and South African Breweries in order to form a unified voice on issues affecting the beer industry and enhance beer culture in South Africa.

The industry is a major supplier of local jobs, an economic driver and a large revenue raiser for government.

South Africa is one of the largest beer producing countries in the world and is the most popular beverage in the country in terms of volume and value.
In 2018 the beer industry contributed 1.53% of GDP at a multiplier of 1.4, which is the same contribution as the mining industry, generating a total GDP impact of R387.1 billion. Between 2015 and 2018 it supported around 200 000 jobs, contributing 1.4% of national employment last year alone.

For this reason, the BASA will focus on advocating for the responsible advancement of the interests of beer manufacturers, promoting ethical and legal trade practices and facilitating the sustainable growth of the sector.

The BASA members also recognise the negative effects of alcohol abuse in communities and are committed to differentiating beer as a product of moderation and leading co-regulation and transformation of the alcohol industry.

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