Puppet Guy back in Joburg! Conrad Koch & Chester Missing are back in SA!

Puppet Guy back in Joburg! Conrad Koch & Chester Missing are back in SA!

With repeated five-star reviews in tow after a whirlwind tour to Canada and Australia, Conrad Koch & Chester Missing and their fellow entourage of loyal puppets are excited to be returning back to the Pieter Toerien Studio Theatre stage at Montecasino from 27 March to 14 April.

Puppet Guy is all about the hilarious characters, funny observations and world-class entertainment – it’s Conrad going back to the lighter side of comedy ventriloquism.

Our style of comedy has always relied heavily on social and political commentary – Chester Missing even got his own weekly satirical TV news show because of it – but with Puppet Guy, I wanted to explore having fun with ventriloquism.  We still keep it relevant and topical but it is a good change of pace.  Chester is still up to his shenanigans and hilariously talks about the world and South African politics, there’s an outrageous ostrich puppet that has been made out of an slipper and feather dusters; a mosquito and a DJ puppet made out of a hoodie and sunglasses,” comments Koch on what people can expect from the show.

Conrad adds: “The audience participation is a crowd favourite, for example, I use Snapchat and a project to make someone in the audience a digital puppet and I use a special ventriloquism mask to turn an audience members into a hungry lion – voices and hunting skills included.”

The show is directed by Chris Weare and carries a PG-13 age restriction.  Combining great off-the-wall comedy and silly satire, a Donald Trump joke or two and a unique take on ventriloquism makes Puppet Guy a must-see.

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