South African Breweries in partnership with the South African Football Association, successfully hosted the 2018 SAB League “Coaching D-License” Skills Camp from Monday, 12 February to Friday, 16 February at the High-Performance Centre in Pretoria.

SAB League Skills Camps were as a result of SAB adopting a more holistic approach to the development of football. Having obtained this progressive methodology meant that the focus was no longer solely on players but would include other relevant stakeholders in match officials, football administrators and coaches.

The 2018 edition was no different as 49 SAB League coaches from SAFA’s 52 regions, descended to the Capital city, where they trained through the groundbreaking grassroots football development course. In an effort to reach world-class standards and capacitate the participants for life as professional coaches, valuable skills and knowledge were imparted on them

During the Skills Camp farewell dinner on Friday, SAB’s Vice President: Corporate Affairs Africa Zone, Ms Doreen Kosi emphasized the brand’s commitment to developing football through educational programmes: “The SAB League Skills Camp is underpinned by the need to bridge the gap of skills deficiency within the SAB League, which can only be achieved through educational programmes suited for all our SAB League role players.

“The D-License coaching course is a development course that truly consolidates the relationship between football and education by providing our coaching participants with the most basic yet most valuable learning experience.” Kosi concluded.

In line with the SAB League’s vision of a holistic development to football, the proud sponsors of the country’s largest development league have also introduced Study Assistance/ bursaries for players, accredited courses for Match Officials and training for football administrators.

It is this commitment to the progression of football, which fortifies the close partnership between SAB and the SAFA; as the brand’s vision correlates with SAFA’s vision 2022:

“The South African Breweries have led grassroots football for over 17 years now and as times have changed, so has their approach advanced. The Skills Camp serves as a lead in the right direction towards developing our football nation as a whole. With education, we will now be able to compete with the rest of the world. Not only will the SAB League serve to unearth quality footballers, it will now produce knowledgeable and capable coaches who are able to develop our players and thus improving our standard of football” said SAFA’s Assistant Technical Director, Ms Fran Hilton Smith.

The SAB League Match Officials Skills Camp: Level 4 will take place from 2 April 2018 to 6 April 2018 at the University of Pretoria’s High Performance Centre in Pretoria.

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