Seputla Sebogodi, Mnqobi Yazo and Segomotso Modise makes a grand entrance on The Rive

Seputla Sebogodi, Mnqobi Yazo and Segomotso Modise makes a grand entrance on The Rive

Mohumi Ditshwene played by legendary actor Seputla Sebogodi has a long history with Lindiwe. Not only was he once a Khanyisa Diamonds employee during the time of Thato Mokoena, whom he was remarkably close to and admired, he also grew up with Lindiwe.

He worked his way up from the mine, to being elected foreman and later secretary of the workers’ union. His downfall at the hands of Lindiwe came when he led a complete shutdown of the mine over salary increase. His strike spread into nearby mines, affecting the whole mining industry in the region.

Lindiwe used the best skills at her disposal, manipulation and cunning, and framed Mohumi for stealing dynamite, which unbeknownst to her, was actually true. Mohumi was sentenced to 15 years in prison but he only served 10 years and was released on good behavior. With a burning desire to undo Lindiwe’s little rosy world, and a daring plan Mohumi recruits his friends to go after her. What he doesn’t know though, is that he has more than just a shared painful childhood with Lindiwe.


Steven played by Mnqobi Yazo lives in Refilwe and was also once an employee at Khanyisa Diamonds, but because he didn’t feel appreciated by the management, especially Zolani, he left the job for greener pastures, but the pastures proved to be not so green. Steven resented Zolani because he felt Zolani didn’t know anything about mining, and only had his job because of nepotism. He didn’t deserve to be mine manager. He tried to come back but the mine was no longer hiring.

This made him feel bitter and used. Steve tries to be a “man’s man” but only ever rides on other people’s backs to get along in life, he’s a spineless weasel who’s more of a follower than a leader but puts on a façade of a younger Mohumi. And because he never wants to look like a wimp, he never questions Mohumi’s orders, even when he’s unsure of them. He just plays along so that he can get paid, make extra money and go back to his life.

Mad Dog

Segomotso Modise plays Mad Dog a former employee of Khanyisa Diamonds and now works as a security guard at the clinic. He moonlights doing casual jobs when he is not on duty to make ends meet, which he utterly hates because he’s not a fan of hard work and believes the world owes him. So when Mohumi was released and came to him looking for an ally for his ‘Lindiwe take down’ mission, Mad Dog was more than keen, ready to have his big break from poverty by any means necessary.

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