Tbo Touch’s movie Blessers to hit cinemas this month

Tbo Touch’s movie Blessers to hit cinemas this month

Blessers releasing this month, we spoke to the creative director of this movie  REA RANGAKA.

Where did the idea for the film originate?

The film was the brainchild of Tbo Touch and Touch HD. I was merely a humble servant in making it happen.

What is unique/most entertaining about the film?

I think the film has an interesting way tonally, of dealing with some really dark material like the concept of blessers, cheating, the sex trade etc, and making it palatable. I think that also has to do with the fact that we’ve seen and lived with the events on screen all around us. I would say the film is ‘funny ha ha’, but more funny as in ‘oh snap!’

What were your thoughts on reading the script, and how you would interpret it?

I thought the material the script was trying to tackle was a bit glossy in a very ‘Sex and the City’ type way, but wasn’t really funny. Which is ok because comedy is really hard especially when dealing with the issues that this story presents. But I concentrated on the characters and what they were going through, which is ultimately what brought me to enjoying it each time.

What comments do you have on your role as the director of the film?

As with any film I’ve done or that I want to do, I go in trying to make the best possible film. That is all I can really say about my role.

What do the lead actors bring to the film?

Bravery! The material was very challenging but they kept it professional and went about their job. At the end of the day that’s all you can ask for from people because I can only work with what another gives. And, I can’t fault this team’s commitment to their craft.

Describe the visual identity of the film?

I’d say moody and punchy. The glitz and glam of the world is played down and characters are at the forefront. I’d say it feels like life visually.

Describe the making of the film?

As with every film, it’s war. Fun, but war! All films take absurdity and order it so people can understand it. Like a circus really: everyone should know their role and execute it to the highest order. If that order or protocol doesn’t exist, then you just have a bunch of clowns. That’s what makes this industry hard.

What excites you about the film?

Not excited, but more anxious. Anxious for people to engage with it lol.

Who is your target audience? Anyone. Movies are for anyone

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