The Rand Show finally kicked off for the year of 2018 with such buzz and excitement

The Rand Show finally kicked off for the year of 2018 with such buzz and excitement

The Rand Show finally kicked off for the year of 2018 with such buzz and excitement in the air as consumers all over the continent arrived in numbers to witness the fun-filled week packed with loads of activities fit for the entire family.

As the Rand Show opened the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) kicked off with a grand parade around the Expo Centre. Brigadier General Mafi Mgobozi opened the day by addressing the crowd about the overall excitement of the Rand Show with over 4000 visitors.

“The SANDF will reach out and interact with South African citizens and educate them about the military and all its departments,” said Brigadier General Mgobozi. “The Rand Show and SANDF partnership has grown in leaps and bounds with citizens learning opportunities in SANDF,” Brigadier General Mgobozi continued.

It was a fright or flight moment at the House of Horrors powered by 5FM venue as the audience was shaking in their boots not aware of the shock and horrors awaiting them. As the crowd walked in the breathtakingly paranormal world. “We’re very thrilled to finally have the Rand Show visitors come an experience the extremely bizarre, dark and ‘black swan’ moment as I call it,” said Josh Lindberg, House of Horrors producer.  With an experience that you can only have in your nightmares, House of Horrors was an experience extracted from a thriller movie turned into spectacular genius.

In the spirit of former president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Ubuntu goes a long way and with the centenary of Madiba, the Nelson Mandela Foundation created a kaleidoscope of the Anti-Apartheid hero’s collections and materials from letters, furniture and personal notebooks. “The purpose of this exhibition is to display the life and times of this iconic figure who helped change the face of democracy,” said Clive, Program Manager of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The exhibition included a selfie booth where people could take selfies, fun games that teach the youth to be empowered and a children’s section to also creatively learn about their country’s history.

It was an Eastern affair at Experience India in Hall 10 where all things Indian at the exhibition. The Hall has everything Indian from clothes on sale at half price, from Sari’s to Punjabi’s and jewellery. Aromatic perfumes for both men and women were on sale at Experience India as visitors walked around the hall purchasing the tasty treats on sale from Turkish chocolates and cakes. As Experience India opened with a host of Indian Western dancing, it was quickly followed by a fashion show featuring incredibly sequined Indian attire to Sari’s as well as men’s attire. The fashion show event was followed by a spectacular bridal fashion show displaying the finest bridal gowns the East has to offer.

The white coat genius known as the naked scientist took the crowd by storm when he showcased some of the tricks and experiments prepared for the Rand Show opening. With the stage looking great all thanks to Afrox branding and the tools provided (gases and apparatus). He has been engaging with the crowd, young and old, with everything explained and uncovered, also every Friday on 702 talk radio. The naked scientist took the audience to the future with mind buzzing experiments, explanations and discoveries. From the looks of things, it’s going to be a futuristic week with the white coat genius himself,

Article by Nicholas Munzhedzi

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