Viggy and Virginia Qwabe Snub Idols final Invitation

Viggy and Virginia Qwabe Snub Idols final Invitation

The twins have turned down an invitation extended to them to attend the show’s finale on 17 November at the Carnival City in the Eastrand .

It’s been less than a month since Viggy Qwabe dropped out of Idols SA after her sister Virginia was given the boot – A lot of drama has followed the girls’ exit and there were even accusations of the competition being rigged – The show’s finale is around the corner but the twins have chosen to turn down the invitation to attend.

Viggy and Virginia Qwabe were huge favourites with viewers of Idols SA and since their controversial exit from the competition, they’ve made many headlines. There was a lot of upset after the singing sisters left the show, but they’ve seemingly put that behind them, even after their father accused the show of being rigged.

According to Laurence Qwabe, the ladies’ father and spokesperson, the decision not to be part of the finale was taken by both the family and fans. He did not want to explain why they made this decision though. “This is a decision that was taken by the family and their fans that they should not go to the finale.” Earlier, it was believed that Viggy and Virginia would get to work with DJ Tira.

Their manager, Kim Coppen had revealed that DJ Tira will not be able to collaborate on any music with the former Idols SA contestants as they already have a management contract with Think Entertainment and a recording contract with Gallo Records. She said that should DJ Tira want to collaborate with them, he would have to discuss and negotiate their release first.

source Sowetanlive.

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