Lalela Mswane to represent this country at Miss Universe in December

Lalela Mswane to represent this country at Miss Universe in December

Miss South Africa 2021 Lalela Mswane will be representing this country at Miss Universe at the end of the year. As the reigning Miss South Africa 2021, Mswane will be participating in the 70th Miss Universe pageant to be held in December in Eilat, Israel, where Andrea Meza of Mexico will crown her successor at the end of the event. (The event will be aired in the US on Sunday, December 12, but in South Africa on Monday, December 13, at 02h00).

Miss South Africa Organisation CEO Stephanie Weil said that she was aware there were statements indicating that Mswane had pulled out but that these were completely unfounded and untrue.

With all the misinformation and fake news around, Weil added that the Miss South Africa Organisation was also thrilled to be able to make Lalela’s childhood dream – to wear the crown while representing her country globally – come true.

Mswane has spoken out openly about being bullied as a child and will not be bullied as an adult against fulfilling her ambition.

Weil said a “very, very small, but extremely vocal, group” had attempted, and failed, to derail Mswane’s chances at the prestigious international pageant.

As the reigning Miss South Africa she will join participants from close on 70 countries in this contest and will represent South Africa to the best of her ability.

“South Africa was placed very firmly in the 21st century when Zozibini Tunzi, proudly wearing her natural hair without trying to conceal it under a weave or a wig, was crowned Miss Universe. Her refusal to bow down to pressure to look a certain way was ground-breaking and opened the door to diversity and the rise of the individual as opposed to lookalikes,” said Weil.

“Like her, Lalela will be a role model to young women – not just across the country, but across the African continent. Anyone who wants to rob Lalela of her moment in the spotlight is unkind and short-sighted. She is the shining beacon for young women everywhere, showing them that being beautiful while being clever and educated is very possible.

“We are not a political organisation and the Miss Universe pageant is not a politically inspired event,” she concluded.

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